Galveston Getaway (Director’s Cut)

If you’re wondering why the title says “Director’s Cut”, it’s simply because there is another version of this post. The easy read version. The less in depth, what we did, cut to the chase, no inner monologue version. It’s on my other blog, for a larger audience. It’s my home remodeling blog. Where I assume that the individuals that stumble upon that blog don’t particularly care about my overly descriptive accounts of unrelated house activities. There’ s your warning, so here we go. The Director’s Cut…

One day a couple of weeks ago, Jon came home with the notion to head down to Galveston sometime this summer. I guess he had heard an advertisement on the radio. Well, advertisement works cause we decided to take an impromptu trip for our birthdays. At first I was dead set on going to Waco (Fixer Upper fans), but we decided to do that in the fall since it would be nice a cool by then. For now, we hit the beach!

DAY 1, JULY 1:   Road Trip- On our way to Galveston! The road trip went by so fast, I was really surprised. Most of the way we headed down on highway 45. We passed a few James Coney Island which we thought that was funny. We listened to some DNCE and BTR on the way down and back. I’m not sure Jon know how much I appreciate that. The music just makes the trip for me.



Arrival- When we got down to our cute little Airbnb apartment, we were so excited. We stayed in this awesome beach house on the lower level. The lower level was split into 3 apartments and we got the big momma one. It was 900 square feet which is bigger than our last apartment. It was located 4 blocks from the beach and right next to a dog grooming and self wash. I will link the house if your looking for a nice place to stay in Galveston!

IMG_1793 2.JPG


The adventure begins! We took the two community bikes down to Mamma Teresa’s Pizzeria.

IMG_5161 2.JPGIMG_2609 2.JPG

We had delicious Tuscan Chicken pizza and Mamma’s Meaty pizza. We split a large and it was way too big, so we had to take it wrapped in foil and shoved in the bike basket. IMG_1951 2.JPG

Then we went to La Kings Confectionary. That was the coolest ice cream and candy shop. The entire left side was sectioned off with 3 different stations. Coffee, shakes/floats, and ice cream scoops. The entire right side was chocolate candies, fruity candies, and salt water taffy. Jon got a piece thrown to him. He was so cute. We scarfed down our root beer float and mint chip shake. It really made us want to own a candy and ice-cream shop. We like to dream big around here.

IMG_5475 2.JPG


Then we ended the evening by seeing some fireworks on the beach. The community bike I borrowed actually broke on the way there, so Jon had to bike back as fast as he could to go get the car. Prius to the rescue! When we got back to the room, we realized that we had absolutely no snacks so we walked 2 blocks down and got some Little Debbie’s. Evening officially complete.



DAY 2, JULY 2:  Jon’s “birthday”- Today we celebrated Jon’s birthday. His birthday is actually on the 27th of June. But last week he worked all day for his actual b-day.. We started off with lunch at Stuttgarden German Tavern and ate the best cheese sticks in the world, wild boar bratwurst, and The Steven barbecue burger.





Then we walked around the historic Strand downtown area and visited some local shops. First we went to Somewhere in Time antique shop they had a really cool rotary phone that I wanted to buy for our phone booth and also some really interesting trinkets from the Queen of Englands coronation from 1952.


Then we headed to Bishop’s Palace, a grand Victorian home built in 1895, my favorite was the Music Room. It was so insane how intricate every single detail is. Each baseboard, trim piece, and detail had to be carved by hand. They didn’t have the machinery back then to manufacture that stuff like we do now. The whole place was so cool and made me feel like I was in Downton Abbey.









When we were leaving the palace, we noticed a pamphlet that had to be destiny. We had been looking for something to take us around town. A golf cart, a moped, a trolley, anything to get some island vibes. We actually were looking forward to riding bicycles the whole trip. We couldn’t bring ours because we couldn’t find a bike rack to fit the Prius and the first night the other bikes konked out. Which was honestly fine, cause riding bikes wasn’t as easy as we thought. Anyway, the pamphlet was for electric bikes at Zipp E Bikes downtown. So we decided to go rent them until the 4th. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

After we got our bikes, we headed down to the beach. These electric bikes can actually get down on the beach and drive up to 20 miles per hour. We obviously didn’t go that fast maneuvering through a bunch of small children and families, but they were obviously checking out our bikes. They really were that cool, already worth it just cruising on the sand. We made sure to tell everyone that asked, where we got them. After finding a nice spot, we set up our towels and played in the waves.





Our beach bodies are not 100% on point, but our diets were on vacay as well. This is the first time I can actually remember wearing a bikini. I decided to branch out and just do me! 😬


By the time the sun went down, we were starving so we hopped on our e-bikes and headed back to the downtown area and ate at Taquilo’s. Jon had the steak nachos and I had the best chicken flautas ever! To digest our food, we went night riding down to the Seawall and rode on the coast for a few miles. We got this really cool picture of the pier and I think this one just might make the vacation art gallery I have going on in my hallway.

IMG_5237 2.JPG



IMG_0941 2.JPG



DAY 3, JULY 3: It’s my birthday!!! While of course birthday celebrations always start right at midnight. So I decided to definitively take my first photo as a 26 year old. Me, my bike, and some impromptu lighting in our little apartment 🙃


Starting year 26 off right with a beach view at Miller’s Seawall Grill. It was absolutely worth the wait. French toast w/ bacon on biscuits with gravy is never a bad choice. Jon got some delicious looking breakfast staples, as well.









One thing I really wanted to do is fly a kite for my birthday, something else I don’t remember actually doing ever. When I looked up the best shopping in Galveston, Kite’s Unlimited on 89th was the top store. So we headed there from 19th street. Riding on the Seawall at 20 miles per hour was both a workout and completely relaxing, beachy, and epic all at the same time.

IMG_2430 3.JPG

Before we could fly the kite we had another stop on our agenda. The Moody Gardens Palm Beach area to float the lazy river. I can only tolerate the ocean for so long. It burns my eyes and tastes so bad!!!



Then it was back to the beach for kite time, not before I took a tumble off the bike in the dense sand. Only time I fell for the record. Anyhow, after we unpackaged and assembled my new kite. We named her Phoenix and started unreeling. We topped her out at 500 feet. After the 15 minutes it took to reel her in, we headed back to the room to get all dressed up for a fancy evening.




Italian is my favorite thing to eat. So we went for a lovely Italian dinner at Riondo’s Ristorante. Jon was so sweet and let me order both of my favorite dishes and split them. Fettuccini Alfredo and Spaghetti with Meatballs. Then the waiter gave me a delicious birthday bread pudding with a candle.





After we left the restaurant, it went from a couple of drops of rain to a hurricane. Needless to say we were rained in for the night. But the day was epic enough as it was.



DAY 4, July 4: Independence Day! Since we got rained in the night before, we had to for sure hit up one more stop before we headed home. But we did have to kill some time because it didn’t open until noon. We found us another historic Victorian home, called Moody Mansion. It wasn’t as grand as the Bishop’s Palace, but it was still a huge mansion and somehow felt so homey. A butler even greeted us at the door! They had a narration from the perspective of Mary Moody who grew up there. It was perfect walking around it while it was rainy outside.



IMG_5365 3.JPG

We killed plenty of time and headed to Hey Mickey’s Ice Cream. Jon surprised me with the fact that they had ice cream nachos. It comes with 4 ice cream scoops, waffle pieces, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries. We chose Mint Chip, Caramel Crunch, Irish Car Bomb, & S’mores. They were delish.


IMG_8263 3.JPG

On our way out of town, we stopped at the Tanger Outlets in Texas City. Stopped and got ourselves some birthday treats. I got this cute little keychain wallet 70% off. Jon got a bunch of Nike and Hurley shirts, so he should be good for the next few years.




Before we hit Dallas, we stopped in Waxahachie to visit Jon’s old college friend at their annual July 4th party. We ate amazing fajitas and watched an epic fireworks show. Also, we got to catch up and congratulate them on their upcoming twins!




Thursday, July 5- Still in an adventurous mood, we decided to go for one more swim at the relaxing city pool. In hindsight, it wasn’t a great idea to ride our non-electric bikes down the giant hill, cause walking them back up was rough. At least we got a constellation snow cone on the way back. Also, we went to pick up The Boops, aka Frasier. I think he was happy to see us.

IMG_2860 3IMG_3780

Well that was it; that was our trip. You were warned 😉 We had an amazing time, and I’m actually digging this ‘being out of town’ for our birthdays thing. It makes them so much more memorable. But besides the music choices making the trip, what made this trip so great was the people. The people of Galveston were awesome. Never have I been on a vacation and actually noticed that every single person we encountered was so hospitable. It’s so easy sometimes to let an activity get ruined by one person who had an attitude or was so unhelpful. But from mansions, to kite making, to eating, everyone was so awesome. THAT made the trip. Thanks Galveston for making year 26 epic from the start! See you around.


‘Til next time,

Kandyce Sloane