Joys of Spring

As a result of our Winter photos of beautiful Harlow and handsome Luke, we got referrals from each of these lovely shoots. They were both booked in January back-to-back weekends and were to set to take place in April back-to-back weekends! Just a little coincidence I thought was interesting. Both birthday shoots for adorable little boys.

Madison & Kyler

First was Kyler! This mommy and me shoot was done at Trinity Park in Fort Worth. A quiet area under the train tracks was perfect for this baseball themed session.

We started of course with introductions, then getting him used to the camera..


After the “who are you and why are you doing this?” wore off, we got to the fun stuff. Hitting some balls!


Much better!

Kyler was turning two and obviously loves the Texas Rangers. His awesome mom, Madison,¬†matched him so great and brought some fantastic props. We wanted to show them off, so some master distraction away from the batting around was needed… and what’s a birthday without some balloons?


And of course the cutest little red wagon we’ve ever seen!


After some wagon action, it was time for some more mommy and me. Running, wrestling, hide-and-seek, and of course more baseball.


After some serious chasing and sweating, it was time to start wrapping up and winding down. Some more wagon pics and Kyler working the camera.


A little inside scoop.. So Kyler was having so much fun that he really didn’t want to leave. The below bonus photo is actually him looking at his mom at the car getting ready to go. See that baseball in his hand? Well we actually brought that as a prop, and it was all fun and games until he threw it against our car door. Now I hope this isn’t embarrassing, because we thought it was hilarious! Madison proceeded to say, “Yeah.. that’s why we use that other ball.” (seen above) Priceless. Hey, we learned our lesson. Just pick up the props before you head to the car..


Debra & Jaxson

This next adorable little man is Jaxson. For his first birthday, his beautiful mother Debra, wanted to do a three outfit shoot ending with a cake smash at Eureka Park in Denton, TX. How cute is he?!


Cowboy up. This beautiful saddle was actually passed down from Debra, as it was hers from when she was a little girl. So sweet. Of course we had to get some with Mom, too.


Next we went for a little stroll and managed to even get a nice shot with Dad.


Outfit change! Tropical theme was next. He was of course diggin the beach ball and looking so cute with his little Jax pale.


Lastly, the cake smash. Another wardrobe change into some Wrangler gear! This is always the fun part.. at least for the adults.



So Jaxson wasn’t really smashing the cake as much as he was taste testing it. After the first taste of icing was really strong, he was done. So Mom and Dad helped out.. a little too much. Being covered in icing was not his favorite thing, so Mom and Dad to the rescue again!


Much better!



More inside scoop. So Jaxson was really over the cake, but we only got crying pictures up to that point. I had the idea to put a piece of candy on his side of the cake and let him eat that off. So with permission, we put a Smartie right on top and waited. It totally worked. Can you see it on the pic below? It’s pink. Major win!


I will leave you with my favorite pics from both sessions. As always, we are blessed and we love our clients ūüôā


Til next time,

Kandyce Sloane





Winter (One)derland

As usual I am behind on my photography blogging.. but our website is getting a makeover, and we are doing things a whole new way around here. So exciting equals busy. My favorite thing to do so far on this short lived blog is to take two of my favorite sessions from each season, share some pictures, and give some inside scoop into our fun portraits.

If you may have realized from the title, this post will be about Winter 2016. I said I was behind right?

Libby and Harlow

To say that we are completely in love with final product from this shoot is a major understatement. If we could all learn one thing from these two beautiful ladies, it would be to come to your portrait session dressed to impress. Dress like you want your photos all over Pinterest or Vogue for that matter. You will love your photos.

Harlow turned 1 this past December and had never gotten formal pictures done. So when it warmed up in January (Texas weather), Libby decided to book a session with us at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth.

We walked around soaking up the beautiful scenery of the gardens. Let’s admit, these two are showing up the gardens just a bit.


After an outfit change, we went to an open area of the garden and let Harlow run around, smell the flowers, and chase some balloons. She was our first one year old to run like that!


Here’s my favorite from this shoot, it wasn’t easy to choose!



Linsky Family

The Linskys are a special family with a special little boy. Luke was born very premature only weighing 2lbs 13ounces at birth. He spent several months in the NICU, so to get the opportunity to take his pictures as a beautiful, healthy one year old was a true blessing!

Mark and Brooklynn picked a beautiful spot in Providence Village, and we took a nice stroll around the pond to get some better lighting. After taking some adorable Luke shots, Mark managed to convince Brooklynn to get in some of pictures. Boy was it worth it!

This first picture is how small Luke was when he was born. See that tiger? It’s the same one.

IMG_2113IMG_2032IMG_2049IMG_2169After some nice clean photos, we headed to another area and things got messy. Brooklynn bought this adorable cake for Luke to demolish. She was so on top of things with balloons, a chalkboard, and of course the tiger outfit. They call him Tiger, so we thought that was so sweet! You really have to read the chalkboard, it’s awesome and inspiring.


I will leave you with my favorite photo from this shoot. I know it’s a detail shot, but this family is so adorable and the moment is perfect.


Till next time,

Kandyce Sloane


P.s. Here are some outtakes. I did promise inside scoop ūüėČ



6 Creative Ways to Get Photos from “Where?” to “THERE!”

Photos old and new need a home besides your shoebox in the attic and your smart phone. If you are reading this blog, you probably agree ūüėČ Below are 6 fun and unique ways to get your vintage family photos and/or your modern Instagram worthy photos from “where did I save those?..” to¬†THERE in your home. On display.

  1. Canvas Wraps

    Everyone always seems to want a WOW factor in their home. Some want a¬†wow kitchen, a wow walk-in closet, or a wow Smart Curved 4k Talking flatscreen. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a WOW wall gallery of your family or even just one grand statement piece of the kids? While we would absolutely love to take that image for you, it doesn’t have to be a new family portrait. It could be that retro one from the 80’s where everyone’s wearing denim everything or it could be from a brand new iPhone. Canvas wraps are so unique by taking¬†your photo, printing on fabric stretched over a wooden frame¬†to make¬†it appear¬†like a painting instead of standard photo paper.

  2. Window Frames

    Have you ever seen old windows hung as decoration? If not, it’s super adorable all on it’s own. But, it would be such an awesome way to display photos of any kind. You can take the individual photos and put them into each window pane¬†or take one photo and display it across the entire window frame. This is from¬†Pinterest as a good example of the latter.


  3. Flip Books

    If you are specifically looking for ways to get your digital images from your cell phone into something you can really flip, there are so many apps to do this like Snapfish and Shutterfly. One really cool way is something called GrooveBook.¬†You may have seen them¬†on Shark Tank, and wondered “why didn’t I think of that?” like the rest of America. You can¬†upload your photos and they send you a book of 4×6 photos. Awesome. They do subscriptions much like other sites, so feel free to shop around first. It’s just a great concept!622ad17601f4cb7c393354e49d709215

  4. Pinning

    Pinning is the new thing nowadays anyhow, so why not get creative and pin your prints.. Some people use clothesline and clothespins and string photos down the hallway. Some keep it close and use a pin board and tack them up old school. Either way they can both be done in very clean and classy ways. wood-pallet-photo-display-1

  5. Photo Books

    Again, we would absolutely love to set you up with this particular product. But the point is getting your old photos from “old photos” to treasured keepsakes. The trick here is to make your album small enough to keep them on the coffee table permanently so guests will pick up your book(s), often. 8×8 and under should be great for this. Let’s face it. Those old photo albums are massive, heavy, and where are they?? Also, they are a great icebreaker. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†O-Brien-2

  6. Impressions

    Last, but certainly not least, printing straight on anything. Ceramic plates, coffee mugs, and even quilts can be done in a very elegant way. But one very cool, modern way to display your family photos is printing directly on glass. No frame required, Fracture Me offers glass prints up to 21″x28″, while not nearly as big as the canvas wraps are capable of being, glass prints are sure to make a great


Hopefully you have been inspired by some of these ideas or some of the links under the photos.¬†When life stops getting in the way for a minute, take the time to take find your favorite photo(s) and choose any way to display them. It’s these simple reminders,¬†like our very own photographs,¬†that lead¬†us to¬†discover¬†why we do the things we do and more importantly, who we do them for.



Till next time,

Kandyce Sloane

Mineral Wells, TX Portrait Photographer


2015 in a Flash

Well, first of all, I really need to get up to date on this blog. My husband and I have just recently bought a fixer upper, and we have been very busy with that. I have a new blog for our remodeling journey and am hoping it will make me be more consistent with this blog!

These shoots are from this past year, but I wanted say a little something about them, as they are some of my favorites! And we have really awesome clients ūüôā

Winter 2015:

These photos were taken on Pensacola Beach in Florida. We visited our bible school church for a week long retreat, and couldn’t help snapping some candids on the gorgeous beach. It was very overcast that day and windy, and there was a dressed up family getting their portraits done. Too bad DFW has no beaches!


These photos were taken in Weatherford, TX. We scheduled this shoot for Aaron’s 25th birthday in Downtown Weatherford. It rained pretty much all day, but we decided to give it a go anyway! Aaron and his wife Heather were good sports to say the least.¬†IMG_6551IMG_6436

Spring 2016:

Erica and Kelly graduated this past May from Tarleton University with their Master’s degrees. The first time we tried to take pictures, it was pouring rain. Gotta love spring. So we came¬†out to Stephenville a few weeks later. We shoot at high noon, so we walked all around campus for different shaded areas. I think it worked out.IMG_0516IMG_0727

Pet photo shoot! We had the pleasure of photographing the adorable fur babies of the Elliott family. Kiki- A miniature poodle, Skipper- A Heeler/Collie mix, Daphne- A Dachshund, and Luna- A kitty cat¬†¬†Ok I admit, I don’t know much about cats.¬†IMG_1012IMG_1031IMG_0945IMG_1063

Summer 2015:

This shoot was at Trinity Park in Fort Worth with the Casas Family. The kids, Mila and Alex were so sweet and ready for the camera. We chased Mila all around the park, while Alex tried corralling her. We got some great pictures of just Mom and Dad, too. After we were all done, we gave the kids some bread to feed the ducks. Always be prepared!IMG_2191-2IMG_2082-2-2

In August, we traveled to Denton to take photos of the Loper family. The Loper’s were celebrating one year of marriage and also, the newest addition to the family. Kingston! Their¬†handsome bulldog, of course, quickly stole the show and made for some of our favorite photos EVER! Don’t you just love that¬†bow tie!IMG_3103IMG_3222

Winter 2015:

Christmas time!! We offered two different Christmas sets this year, but my favorite was our “Underneath the Tree” set. June and Kayla, who are currently engaged, were such great sports while we got some holiday photos of them. Can’t wait to take their engagement photos!


This past December was the 2nd annual Santa and Mrs. Claus event at The Kraze in Downtown Mineral Wells. We had such a great turn out! No long lines, but a constant flow of little kiddos meeting Santa. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are so much fun. It is so great to watch them interact with the kids and watch them light up. We also did our first Facebook Giveaway ever. The winner was this sweet baby girl named Teghan!


So basically, 2015 was a great year. We are so excited for what lies ahead for Hardin Photography and for the awesome new people we will meet this year. Thank you to all the families that have given us the opportunity to capture these precious memories. I will try to keep up with this blog. We’ll see..

God Bless!

p.s. Here are some bonus pictures of our little family. Our 1 year anniversary photos and our Christmas card ūüôā Also, if you are interested in our home remodel feel free to keep up with my¬†other blog.

-Kandyce Sloane

IMG_9236Santa Card KJ

Get N Gear

While this post is not directly related to photography, I am using it for photography purposes. So, hopefully someone else will find this helpful, and be able to get things done and be able to treat themselves at the same time.

First, I want to say that this really works well if you are a saver, not a spender. If you don’t have any savings or will power, this may not work for you. But give it try, you can always start small.

Of course as a photographer, it is important to invest some of your hard earned profits back into your business. Also of course as a photographer, you’ve always got your eye on more gear. Some you may need, most you just want. Whether you are looking to get an awesome new camera bag or the latest mirrorless camera, you gotta have it. What if there was a way you could get your gear without thinking “this is awesome, but geez I can’t believe I just spent that much money..”?

Here you go.

PURPOSE: Earn money and spend it guilt free.

Step 1– What you’ll need: Empty jar, some stash money, tongs for retrieving your earnings (if applicable)

I have too many apple juice jars to count, so this was a no brainer. Also the small spout makes it harder to just reach in and grab some quick cash. These are actually toast tongs in the picture, like $5 from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. The $100 dollars came from my savings. Again, you may need to earn some savings first. Another option is to have someone else pay you, maybe your spouse, parent, friend. If it is something very important to them like weight loss or to stop smoking, it may work!


Step 2- Make your jar pretty, and turn your stash into small bills or coins.

I really just took the label off my jar so I could see the money pile up! I took my Benjamin to the bank and got one dollar bills. I keep them in piles of 50 so I know how much money I have in the jar without having to pull it out. Again, you can do this with coins, if you want to start small or possibly use an existing change jar.

Step 3- Set your standards for earnings and penalties.

You can make them whatever you want! Personally, I earn $1 per day that I reach my goal and must take $2 out everyday I don’t. But you can do .50 for doing good and $1 for being bad, etc. I try to stick with paying double as a punishment. This way, it’s more aversive than simply not getting a dollar, since you have to pay from the jar.

For example: Every day you don’t eat any sweets, you add $1 to your jar.¬†Every day you eat a sweet, you take $2 out of the jar.

Do the math before you begin, if you earn 1 dollar per day that’s $30 per month. If you want to earn more, faster, make more or bigger goals for yourself. Maybe you want to stop cursing and start waking up early, earn $1 for each of these goals non-contingently. Maybe you want to walk 30 minutes a day, if you walk 30 minutes, earn 1 dollar. If you you walk 1 hour, earn $2. Notice I didn’t actually make it a point to write your standards down; I don’t. But if you have a lot of goals, you can certainly do so!

Step 4- Watch your money pile up and spend!

Now that you’ve earned your money (twice), you now have worked even harder for your new gear and deserve it even more! Maybe you’ve lost some weight, stopped biting your nails, cook more, or smoke less. Hopefully you are better for it.

If you need more help that what I’ve explained, feel free to comment. I’ll get back to you. Til next time.

-Kandyce Sloane

Pets & Regrets 

As you may have noticed on my site, some of my clients are of the animal persuasion. I love animals. Like most other animal lovers, I love to look at pictures of animals. Now, I love to take pictures of animals, particularly pets.

Pets are some of the greatest family members you can ever have. They are great listeners who keep all of your secrets, don’t talk back when you tell them to do something, and have unconditional love for you when your secrets are big and telling them what to do sounds more like yelling.

Our pets are some of the greatest family members we have, and unfortunately, unless you have a giant tortoise at your house (which I would love to photograph for you btw) your pet is probably not going to outlive you. I know you don’t want to think about it, as far as I’m concerned my little Scottie is never going anywhere. But I have made the effort recently to get him groomed and take some pretty cute shots of him hanging out on the front porch, playing in the yard, and just being his adorable self.

I’m obviously not trying to guilt or scare anyone into getting professional photographs taken of their pets. I just can’t bear when people have regrets of something they wish they had done while someone was still with us, and I feel that pets get overlooked when it comes down to it. Honestly, I’m still kicking myself that I never photographed my dog as a puppy.

One of the first shoots I ever did was a pet shoot. When the owner’s framed photographs were unveiled to him, he started tearing up and grinning from ear to ear. It was something that gave me confidence that I knew I could do this, and that I really wanted to. Pet photography and photography in general.

I know that most people won’t cry when they see their photos for the first time (and if they do I’m hoping it’s a happy cry). But maybe they will someday, with pride or with joy. It’s really just a honor to think I could possibly do that for someone. It is most definitely worth the try. Until next time.

-Kandyce Sloane

First Shot

If you haven’t figured out, Kandyce Sloane Hardin is my name. Founder of Hardin Photography. I started this blog so that I could have a place to post some more of my photography, give insight on my most recent shoots, talk about my latest gadgets, and basically just update on what I’m doing. I don’t expect to have a huge following or anything, but I know it will be cool to see what I was up to just in a year from now!

So.. as of now our website is done with exception of a few edits. Now I am just building my portfolio, getting more gigs in, and then I will begin advertisement! Since this is the day and age of social media, I will probably be creating a Facebook, Instagram, and a Pinterest soon, too.  I have also been working on my client contracts, and I am just about finished with that, as well.

I guess in my first blog I will say why I created this company to begin with..

My family has never been one to take pictures of anything really. I never really noticed until I took a trip to New York City. My mother, my aunt, and I were on day 4 of our amazing vacation, standing in the world’s largest Toy’s R Us. My aunt wanted to take a picture of us, and it was then we all noticed that not one of us had brought a camera and had not taken one single picture since we had arrived. So, to this day I have absolutely no pictures of Time Square, Chinatown, Ground Zero, or any evidence that I was there.

Since then I’ve had 2 digital cameras, countless picture phones, and so many picture frames that many are still in the cellophane. My room for the longest time was decked out in pictures that I had taken from a great variety of occasions. Then I got over it. It was several years of thousands of pictures stored on too many SD cards. What do you even do with all those pictures? I didn’t do anything with them. It was a picture taking phase that had passed. Come and gone.

Then recently, my brother began his own photography business. He told me I should learn how to use a DSLR, but I was hesitant at first. I didn’t want to be someone who just started doing something, just to do it. I like to do what I am good at. After using my brother’s cameras for awhile, I remembered.. I used to take pictures all the time and I was good at it! Finally my brother and husband gave me a DSLR 101 course, and the ideas came flooding in. I was ready to shoot, learn, and repeat.

So what’s different now? Well now, I can get my work off of those SD Cards and put them to good use. They will be in people’s homes, photo albums, and posted on their Facebook walls. Before,¬†I never saw photography as a way to help people, but now I believe it does. That nostalgic feeling that you get when you realize how much time has flown by, and those people that make your world go round are that much older, is what it’s all about.

Now some time later, here you have Hardin Photography.  I started this business with my husband, and we are very excited to make this our full time job very soon. That was a lot deeper than I thought I would get on my first blog, but there it is. Until the next blog!

-Kandyce Sloane